Counselling Services in Victoria BC

During the COVID – 19 pandemic I have moved my practice online, using Zoom for Healthcare.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and offer counselling services in Victoria, BC for adults, couples and offer consultation for professionals working in the field.

I believe we are inherently resilient beings who long to be authentic, recognised, deeply engaged in the world, and have an innate capacity to change.  Often society, family dynamics, and cultural expectations dictate who we are, and how we are, rather than allowing one to explore who we are and present our true self in the world. With support, we have the potential to realise our true path. In my work, I hope to support people to learn about, and experience themselves, their histories, and their relationships in an expanded way that encourages them to build genuine, impassioned lives.

Areas of Specialization

Trauma/Complex Trauma • Depression • Anxiety/Panic • Shame and Chronic Shame • Addiction • Relationship and Attachment Issues • Life Transitions


Trauma, addiction, family of origin issues, attachment patterns, and the resulting shame/chronic shame, create complex ways of interacting and relating with the world; often, these patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving keep people stuck and in pain, caught between who they are/think they are, and who they really are/want to become. Through counselling you can explore these patterns and change the way you relate to the world and your own history, and create the life you want to live.


We are hard wired to connect and our histories, be it family of origin, trauma, attachment patterns, shame/chronic shame and addictions, can interfere with our ability to create healthy, interdependent relationships with the people we care about most and often create unhelpful ways of interacting that get in the way of experiencing the love that brought them together. I practice couples counselling with a focus on the allied relationship of the couple, facilitating a new deeper understanding of each person’s wants, needs, and ways of behaving, in order to create new ways of interacting.


Addiction creates suffering and isolation for the person struggling, and those who care about them. I take a holistic, relational approach to working with addictions and specialize in working with adults who grew up in families where addiction was/is present, so that they can begin to understand the myriad of ways that addiction has shaped their experience, both in childhood and in the present, in terms of trauma, attachment style, shame/chronic shame and beliefs about the world and their place in it.


My goal is to support people to move forward in their lives, realise their potential, 
and make change that is meaningful to them.