The Cycle of Life Tour is a 2 day, 200 km fundraising ride for Vancouver Island Hospice. Where this event is different than many is that 100% of money raised goes directly to Hospice- this is key for me. Last year, the 50 riders, of which I was one, raised $63,000, an amount which is both amazing and a drop in the bucket considering the financial needs of Hospice.

Over the past year, I have been personally touched by the care Victoria Hospice has offered to people.  I feel grateful to have Hospice in our Victoria community and am also grateful to Victoria Hospice staff and volunteers for the heartfelt care they provide. They consistently provide care, rather than simply service – shown by the high degree of heart and comfort offered to support people and their loved ones through the critical final phases of life.

Good events attract good people and my experience last year was that The Cycle of Life Tour attracts great people – from the volunteers, to the sponsors, to the riders – a well-executed, heartfelt experience.

I’m back to do it again this year, and will be riding with my friends, Dr. Pam and founder of the Cycle of Life Tour, Graham Robertson, from Acacia Integrative Health Clinic. I’ve posted a picture of us from last year’s ride and for more information on the event, go to